Let your purpose determine your pathway, your preferences and your peers….if you approach life as an adventure with God, even when you hit obstacles badly, they will be unable to get you down. This is the best way to keep your mind on the important things, and if you trust God for life, He will show you how to run surf the subway of life….


How do you respond to the many voices that speak to you in difficult times? How do you take a stand when many conflicts within inflict such inexplicable pain? We’ll go to the mirror…As long as we approach the mirror the right way, bare, naked and open, it will surely, without fail, show us the truth…. Let’s cruise.


Since technology is the wheels of life’s evolution, updated and relevant knowledge must be its headlights, or else, the vehicle of life will soon crash; it would have lost sight….Writing and reading, is therefore life’s ignition.


Through government, the President determines, to a very large extent, what becomes of the land over which he presides, and what becomes of the people subject to him as well….If the government of your life is not better than the government of the land, your life will be subject to the realities of the land and its people.